Company Formation, Fiduciary Fdministration

It all starts with a good idea, your business idea. But a good idea alone is only half the battle to success. Starting a business requires a critical view of the business plan, market orientation, product and service knowledge, solid business knowledge and orientation in the complex tax environment. In addition, there are the various administrative procedures, tax and social security registration, documentation and reporting obligations, financing decisions and the establishment of an appropriate commercial organization.


  • Preparation of the list of documents papers natural and/or juridical persons needs to submit for company establishment or investments in Turkey as well as explanation and consultancy of the entire procedure.
  • Consulting on the preparation of company statues for a new company, partner structures, company domicile, management, power of attorney, capital shares.
  • Formulation of the company statues in accordance with the selected business branch
  • Handling of all procedures with chambers of commerce, trade registries, notaries and publish authorities.
  • Procurement from the authorities of permits, licenses and other necessary documents.
  • Tax office registration.
  • Registration with social institutions including Social Security Agency (SGK)
  • If required provision of a contact address for company registration procedures.
  • Provision of a Management Personnel (GM) to represent the company in the establishment phase vis-à-vis the tax authorities, as well as later on- if required.
  • Provision of fully equipped offices including office service; short-term provision of an office desk or room.