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The Accounting Firm YSS Consulting , established in 2000 on the basis of law No 3568 – Accountancy Act Regarding Independent Accountants (SM), Certified Public Accountants (SMMM) and Chartered Accountants (YMM) – is providing consulting services to foreign capital companies operating in Turkey.

We offer you the entire range of services you would expect of an expert service provider – starting with the establishment of your company.

Our strengths are compliance with your requirements, proactive value creation and quality performance. Our internationally experienced team keep our clients up-to-date about all procedures, provide consulting at the highest level in order to ensure the best possible closure of procedures, and are committed to continuous quality improvements.

Our success is the result of strict adherence to values. No compromises when it comes to correctness and excellence.

Open and efficient communication are key to effective performance.

Our relations are based on respect, tolerance and equality.

To achieve our goals, we are prepared to assume responsibility.


Our services are primarily directed towards companies in German-speaking countries, and in particular towards Germany and Austria.

Our firm is a member of AHK Istanbul (German-Turkish Chamber of Industry and Commerce) In addition, we are advisor to the Wirtschaftskammer Österreich (Austrian Economic Chambers)

Why us?

A well-chosen solution partner acts as a guide, compass to businesses and helps them navigate the right way. With our 20 years of experience, we are confident that we will help you reach your goals with our expert and experienced colleagues, with a membership of AHK Istanbul (German – Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry), by carrying out consultancy relations with the Austrian Trade Office.

Client Oriented Approach

Modern IT solutions

Complex Solutions

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Our Services

Company Formation, Fiduciary Administration

It all starts with a good idea, your business idea. But a good idea alone is only half the battle to success. Starting a business requires a critical view of the business plan, market orientation …

Accounting and Finance Consulting Services

The increasingly competitive environment of business life and the constantly changing legal regulations have made it obligatory for companies to manage their financial transaction …

HR Activities and Payroll Services

The Social Security Reform and subsequent important changes in labor legislation bring serious obligations to companies. The burden of administrative sanctions and increased inspections …

Financial Reporting Services

Financial Reports are prepared in accordance with TFRS, IFRS, US GAAP and German GAAP and HB II standards to reflect the financial status, performance and cash flow of the enterprises in the most appropriate way, representing every transaction …

Accounting Software Consulting

For companies which would like to use any of the accounting products or already using an accounting product currently, in order to get the highest efficiency from these products, to …

Customer Representative Services

The customer representative is primarily expected to use impressive language and problem-solving skills towards customers. Therefore, as YSS Consulting; we provide customer …

Legal Affairs and Representation

As YSS Consulting, we offer a wide range of high-level legal consultancy and advocacy services under the headings of corporate consultancy, disputes and projects with tailor-made …

HR Recruitment Services

Identifying the right individual for the job provides a great competitive advantage. It means an individual with a higher performance, more satisfaction, more loyalty to the institution he / she works for, and a lower level …

SAP Localization and Implementation

YSS Consulting provides SAP consultancy services with our expert staff, who have graduated from the relevant departments of universities (Financial Accounting, Engineering Faculty …
yavuz selim sen 2 1


Independent Auditor, CPA, Chairman of the Board, General Manager

After graduating from the Faculty of Finance and Business Administration at Marmara University in Istanbul, he established his own tax consultancy office in 1990. With a high specialization and years of experiences in finance and consulting also via the different companies he owns; he is providing consultancy services to the companies that operates in Turkey and abroad within high variety of industries.

+90 (212) 465 31 60
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Managing partner, Director of International Relations and Financial Reporting

Fatma Nur Şen is Managing Director of InterGest Turkey. She has many years of experience in Finance with a background of Engineering and MBA Degree with specialization in Global Banking and Finance in Munich. She is responsible for Financial Reporting, Client Relations as well as International Expansion and Marketing.

+90 (212) 465 55 85

Solution Partners

Roadmap to Localization

While putting your new business ideas into practice, for the reliable information and correct guidance you need, by analyzing your as well as your customers’ expectations, sensitivities, and targeted position
We help you achieve your financial and operational goals with our expert staff, by adding our years of experience and know-how.

To summarize our road map;

  • 1.

  • 2.

First contact

It is the meeting process where we analyze what your expectations are and shape the pre-planning roadmap.

Discussion & Planning

It is the process of drafting and planning of a roadmap for your needs.
  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.

Defining the Best Strategy

It is the process where we help you to choose the right and flexible strategy with our 20 years of experience for sustainable success.


It is the process in which a managerial plan that includes the right approaches and actions is applied for the successful performance of the selected strategy.


It is a defensive process that we carry out together to ensure that adverse environmental conditions have minimal impact on performance weaknesses.



EGS Blokları B1 Blok Kat 16 No: 470 P.K.:34149 Yeşilköy / İstanbul, Türkiye

+90 (212) 465 31 60

yss@hs01.kep.tr, info@yssconsulting.com.tr

Mon.-Fri. 8:30 - 18:00

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