Welcome to our bookkeeping and accounting office YSS Consulting

Our office, which provides services on an international level in the field of bookkeeping and accounting, can offer you the following options:

Dedication to the profession and practice of the profession in the context of the ongoing accounting standards in addition to the usual accounting services for domestic companies

A confident and resolute understanding of the tax consultancy profession and take on tasks in our office

Cooperation in the field of reporting on an advanced level within the ever evolving accounting standards Requirements in the area of international accounting, financial advisory and reporting standards. Individuality, self-renewal and self-development as well as international understanding of work are just some of the qualities we look for within the frame of our offer of exciting and diverse career fields. Together with our human resource management you will find out the field of activity which is in line with your specific skills and experience.

We will help you to determine and appropriately develop your individual field of expertise. As a part of our team, it is essential that you break away from formalism and standards. Only in this way you can develop custom solutions for our clients. We expect from you that you work independently and with self-initiative – of course by giving professional and high-quality performance priority. This way, on the one hand, you will join our team in the accounting and tax consultancy office Yavuz Selim Sen Muhasebe ve Mali Müşavirlik and advance your own career on the other hand.

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