Accounting and Finance Consulting Services

The increasingly competitive environment of business life and the constantly changing legal regulations have made it obligatory for companies to manage their financial transaction processes in the most efficient and correct way.
By focusing on their own fields of activity and delivering the financial transaction processes, which are critical to the present and future of the entity, to professional and expert companies that offer “Accounting and Financial Consultancy Services”, companies reach their targets such as growth, profitability and opening to international markets more decisively.

As YSS Consulting’s “Accounting and Financial Consultancy Services” team, we help our customers to achieve their financial and operational goals by offering numerous solutions in accounting and financial consultancy with our expert staff and managers.


  • Bookkeeping.
  • Controlling of income and expenses.
  • Controlling of client current accounts, settlement, collection and payments.
  • Monitoring of banking and financing procedures, payment transactions.
  • Stock control and monitoring.
  • Cost accounting.
  • Regular tax-related fillings: VAT, withholding tax, quarter-yearly pretax, Ba/BS forms, and other legally required declarations to the tax authorities.
  • Annual corporate tax declarations, preparation of financial reports, financial analyses.
  • Controlling of documents and records.